Annexions ciné-concert

Festival de la Francophonie 2024
Concert Hall

French-German-Czech film, 2023, 75 minutes
with Hungarian subtitles
Screenwriter: Stanislas Cotton
Director: Haruna Honcoop
Musical director: Jacques Mercier
Music: Dmitri Shostakovich, Ralph Vaughan-Williams, Jacques Mercier

  • With the participation of:
  • Alba Regia Szimfonikus Zenekar
  • Landes-Jugend-Symphonie-Orchester Saar
  • Conservatories of Teplice and Opava
  • Conservatories of Metz, Dijon and Paris
  • Conductor: Jacques Mercier

"Annexions": a unique, immersive experience, combining both on-screen and live performance. This project, the fruit of collaboration between three European high schools, transcends artistic and generational boundaries. The poignant story of a family plunged into turmoil, a subject unfortunately still relevant today, is carried with strength and authenticity by a youth full of promise. Shostakovich's music, performed live by musicians from Hungary, France, Germany and the Czech Republic, magnifies the film's images. This fusion of the visual and the auditory is a truly immersive performance, adding to the European dimension of this show.

Free entry with advance registration till seats last.

2024 March 08 Friday