Opus Jazz Club
  • Giuseppe Doronzo - baritone saxophone, neyamban, wind instruments
  • Esat Ekincioglu - double bass
  • Pino Basile - frame drums, cupaphone, percussion

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AVA Trio Founded in 2015 in Groningen, the Netherlands, AVA Trio consists of Giuseppe Doronzo from Italy on baritone saxophone and ethnic wind instruments; Esat Ekincioglu from Turkey on double bass; and Pino Basile on frame drums and cupaphone. Doronzo, Ekincioglu, and Basile are erudite and virtuosic guides, navigating through rich and diverse sonic surroundings of the Mediterranean. Their destinations need no justification; their music is timeless. AVA Trio’s successful debut release Music from an Imaginary Land in 2017 has placed the band on "Best Debut Album" picks for National Public Radio (NPR), All About Jazz and El Intruso International Jazz Critic Pool. With the release of their second album Digging the Sand on November 29th, the group continues to mine the imagination and avoid the cliché-riddled and well-worn paths.

"Like the Mediterranean region itself, Digging the Sand is an array of ethnic sounds, full of dichotomies; melancholy and intensity, exotic yet grounded in fundamentals of Western and non-Western music. It is immersed in dreams, mystery, and melancholy but with moments of intensity that suggest whirling dervishes." Karl Ackerman - AllAboutJazz 4/5*

“Between dream and melancholy, mystery and light, with varying intensity, the members of the trio install an eminently personal aesthetic... With all of its finesse and melodic ideas, this album awakens the senses and is a real listening pleasure.” Yves Dorison - Culture Jazz Magazine (FR)

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