Bach Bridges | Cantata

Concert Hall

Csaba Szabó: Psalm from the collection of the Harmonized Transylvanian-Hungarian songs from 18th century
Johann Sebastian Bach: Aria from Seufzer Tränen, Kummer, Not BWV 21 
Mathilde Wantenaar: Seufzer
Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata Mein Herze schwimmt in Blut BWV 199
                                    Recitative: Mein Herze schwimmt im Blut
                                    Aria: Stumme Seufzer, stille Klagen
                                    Recitative: Doch Gott muss mir genädig sein
                                    Aria: Tief gebückt und voller Reue
                                    Recitative: Auf diese Schmerzensreu
                                    Chorale: Ich, dein betrübtes Kind
                                    Recitative: Ich lege mich in diese Wunden
                                    Aria: Wie freudig ist mein Herz


Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Trio in c minor Op. 1 no. 3
                                      Allegro con brio
                                      Andante cantabile con Variazioni
                                      Menuetto con Trio: Quasi Allegro
                                      Finale. Prestissimo

  • Tania Lorenzo – szoprán
  • Jae-Won Lee – hegedű
  • Adrián Marrero – hegedű
  • Philip Schell – hegedű
  • Michael Gieler – brácsa
  • Lidy Blijdorp – cselló
  • Szabó Péter – cselló
  • Barta Beáta – oboa
  • Fejérvári Zsolt – nagybőgő
  • Várallyay Ágnes – csembaló
  • Lajkó István – zongora

Yet another interesting artist is making her Hungarian debut at the Bach Bridges Festival. The soprano Tania Lorenzo was born on the Island of Gran Canaria and is finding growing attention in the international music world since her performances at the Dresdner Staatsoper in Germany. Her pure voice is perfect for Bach’s Cantatas which Bach himself considered his most important works. The Cantata BWV 21 inspired the young Dutch composer Mathilde Wantenaar to write her short and moving piece Seufzer. The program is rounded off by a brilliant early piano trio by Beethoven featuring a young Hungarian pianist, István Lajkó, Jae-Won Lee and Péter Szabó.

The third Bach Bridges Festival at the Budapest Music Center is once again a collaboration between musicians of the Budapest Festival Orchestra and their colleagues of the Royal Concertgebouworkest from Amsterdam with the artistic direction of Michael Gieler and Péter Szabó. Their programs in this edition are dedicated to two of the greatest composers of all times, Bach and Beethoven. We are delighted to introduce a number of very promising young artists in our festival.

We will keep the tradition of starting each concert with the psalms of Csaba Szabó.

After their concerts at the BMC, most musicians will continue to make music together at the International Bach Festival of Gran Canaria.

The Bach Bridges Festival is a joint project between the Music Stages Foundation from the Netherlands, the Csaba Szabó International Society from Hungary and the Budapest Music Center.

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