Bruno Lapin (FR)

Festival de la Francophonie 2024
Opus Jazz Club
  • Sophie Bernado - bassoon, voice
  • Joce Mienniel - flute
  • Clément Petit - cello

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Bruno Lapin plays an open music that praises the present moment and an often forgotten social poetry. The trio assume that space is a condition of clarity of discourse and that hustle and bustle only makes sense to underpin the long term and common purpose. Thus, the outline of the arrangement liberates improvisation, and the volubility of the line only intervenes to carry the melodic construction.
The impromptu interferes everywhere in the music of the trio and if its character is introspective, it is also collective and not reclusive. Thought of as an ode to “possibles”, Bruno Lapin is a poetic allegory which mocks visions of futures that have already been consumed.

Bruno Lapin is the almost inexorable meeting of three free electrons who lay claim to improvised music, urban electronic music, contemporary music or even pop. True unclassifiable musicians who claim to be such. Although these three instrumentalists have known each other for a long time and have crossed paths in different contexts, the trio is formed through fortuitous and very improvised encounters. The form of these encounters is open, but the resulting sound can be contemporary as well as pop, acoustic, or even electric. What matters is that the interaction is fluid and the intentions are clear.

This is where the inquiry comes in: how to keep the freedom and spontaneity of these impromptus, while managing to draw a real framework for the listener? How to make the listener perceive the richness and naturalness of their approach instead of complexity? These questions are at the heart of the trio's artistic reflection, making it a modern social allegory, and this is exactly what Bruno Lapin offers.

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2024 March 19 Tuesday