Dejan Terzic Quartet ft. Ralph Alessi, Florian Weber, Lukas Traxel (DE/US/CH)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Florian Weber - piano
  • Ralph Alessi - trumpet
  • Lukas Traxel - double bass
  • Dejan Terzic - drums

If you had to put a motto for the quartet's music-making, it would probably be the culture of playing. The focus of everyone involved always remains on the whole, and yet every detail, every nuance, no matter how tiny, is intuitively formulated to perfection. The musicians in the quartet are very similar to one another. Four super virtuosos with more individual experiences in their knapsacks than can be listed here, who without exception serve the music with every bit of their self-perception. In this context, the drummer aptly speaks of a shared existential urge. Each song tells its own story, the tension of which is based without exception on a healthy mix of lightness and seriousness.

Even though the musicians' homes are thousands of kilometers apart, the quartet is not a singular project, but a solid band. The interlocking of intentions and playing attitudes results in a common habitat within which one can enjoy absolute freedom without limits. The drummer highlights another similarity that at first glance seems like a coincidence, but at second glance it is anything but coincidental given the four personalities.

The basic concept of most of the pieces is based on ideas that are based, among other things, on minimal music in the spirit of Steve Reich to Brandt Brauer Frick, but the lived improvisational design carries the individual songs in very different directions, degrees of density and aggregate states. From serenity to anger, from the almost inaudible growing grass to the force of a volcanic eruption, there is room for every feeling in diversified minimalism. This creates a statement about the power of art in a society at its limits, which not only opens perspectives but can manifest itself, strong and unwavering, regardless of all external obstacles.

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