EurOpus | Twinning (FR/HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Christine Bertocchi - voice
  • János Ávéd - saxophones
  • Guillaume Orti - saxophones
  • Márton Fenyvesi - guitar
  • Olivier Sens - electronics, sound treatment, video mapping
  • Attila Gyárfás - drums, FX
  • ---
  • Yann Bagot - drawings
  • Didier Legaré-Gravel - videos

Resulting from the meeting of D.U.O. (Christine Bertocchi and Guillaume Orti) and BALANCE (János Ávéd, Márton Fenyvesi and Ákos Benkó), with the expertise in electronic processing of Olivier Sens, this new project is exploring the relationships between acoustic music, electronic sound transformation and video mapping. By using the collaborative work by two French artists, the drawer Yann Bagot and video maker Didier Legaré-Gravel, TWINNING creates a dream-like atmosphere where sound and image activities depend from each other.

Alternating between original compositions and oriented improvisations in a caleidoscopic manner, the audience is invited to embark for an abstract journey through new audio and visual landscapes.

The project is supported by DRAC Bourgogne Franche-Comté and Spédidam.

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2020 January 25 Saturday