Evenings of Cinema │ Péter Gothár: Time Stands Still


(Megáll az idő)
Hungarian drama film, 1982, 96 min. - In Hungarian
directed by Péter Gothár
script: Géza Bereményi, Péter Gothár, László Kelecsényi
music by György Selmeczi
cinematography: Lajos Koltai
editor: Mária Nagy
production design: Gyula Pauer

featuring: István Znamenák, Henrik Pauer, Sándor Sőth, Anikó Iván, Ági Kakassy, Pál Hetényi, Lajos Őze, Ádám Rajhona, Tamás Jordán

The screening will be introduced by film- and music critic László Kolozsi (in Hungarian).

Guest: György Selmeczi - composer

A Budapest high school in the beginning of the 1960s. Dinis suffers the torments of adolescence. His father had to leave Hungary after the uprise in 1956, and since then Dinis' mother has had to take care of her two sons on her own. A friend of Dinis' father, Bodor, is released from prison and moves in with them. Dinis and his brother Bodor are far from happy over this intrusion of their family life. (Mattias Thuresson)

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2019 January 16 Wednesday