SOLD OUT | GoetheJazz | Veronika Harcsa - Albert Márkos - Peter Meyer - Bernhard Meyer (HU/DE)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Veronika Harcsa - vocals
  • Albert Márkos - cello
  • Peter Meyer - guitar
  • Bernhard Meyer - bass

It's really unnecessary to introduce the participants of tonight's concert, as each of them has been on the stage of Opus several times, both as leaders and members of different groups. Their current performance, however, is really unique because they join each other for the first time in the present quartet lineup. It is actually a next link in a strong chain of three different duos. Veronika Harcsa and Albert Márkos have been creative partners for many years in experimental, alternative productions. Peter and Bernhard Meyer are not only brothers, but also their closest colleagues, and Veronika gave one of her most memorable duo concerts in Berlin with Peter Meyer. 


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2019 September 24 Tuesday