Grencsó / Dukay / Tickmayer / Holló (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • István Grencsó - wind instruments
  • Barnabás Dukay - piano
  • István Kovács Tickmayer - electric piano, sampler
  • Aurél Holló - percussion

This is the first time that Pont Quartet is performing in this line-up, although the core of the quartet, formed by István Grencsó and Barnabás Dukay, has played together with István Kovács Tickmayer and Aurél Holló in different line-ups, and some of these occasions have been recorded on memorable albums. The orchestra is made up of four autonomous composers who are masters of their instruments. Their meeting promises to be a unique experience, where contemporary music and avant-garde jazz interact. Whatever line-up they have played with, perhaps their most distinctive feature is that they have never used sheet music. They create a spiritual space through deep attunement and collective free improvisation, in which they create nothing less than a spell, a magic, the reclaiming of time.

Zsolt Németh

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2022 October 26 Wednesday