MAO Legendary Albums | Philly Joe Jones: Trailways Express - Sold Out

Opus Jazz Club
  • Kornél Fekete-Kovács - trumpet
  • Sándor Molnár - alto saxophone
  • Árpád Dennert - tenor saxophone
  • Attila Korb - trombone
  • Gábor Cseke - piano
  • József Barcza Horváth - double bass
  • László Csízi - drums
  • János Ávéd - flute

Modern Art Orchestra’s Legendary Albums series presents the most important and unique albums of jazz history. By learning and playing these compositions and arrangements, the musicians are paying tribute to the jazz legends and are undergoing an intense process of musical improvement. The band absorbs the material of the original recordings, sticking to the arrangements, forms and compositional features. As improvisation is at the heart of jazz, solos are invented by the players at the moment. Due to the respect shown towards the original conceptions of the legendary composers and the level of craftsmanship known from Modern Art Orchestra, the Legendary Albums series both brings you the essence of jazz tradition and guarantees a fresh musical experience.

Philly Joe Jones (1923-1985) – another centenarian of the Autumn season of the Modern Art Orchestra's series –  provided the drum part on so many sessions, live and studio, that it would be easier to list those who he hasn’t played with, rather than the jazz greats he has played with, such as Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Archie Shepp and Sun Ra. Jones  already enjoyed respect at a young age since he was drumming with so much fire, while always as punctual as an atomic clock. His recordings are basic material in all the drum schools. His solos on this session, Trailways Express are especially outstanding, not just his accompanying. Alternative album titles of some editions from among the 17 different versions of this material were Mo Joe, as well as Gone, Gone, Gone.

Jones used to live in Europe for a couple of years where  he was teaching in various places and frequently joined his fellow countrymen when they were touring. He organised a band of his own in London based on local talent in 1968, but those talents were just as good internationally as it gets, such as sax player Pete King and trumpet player Kenny Wheeler (not to mention his unforgettable flugelhorn). Although the latter player had soon become a major voice in the emerging avant-garde, what this album contains is serious be-bop playing with just a bit of salt of modernism added. It also bears witness to the fact that during this time British jazz was nothing less than top world class, even if they outside world only took note of The Beatles.

Although playing together as young brothers, trombone player Chris Pyne and pianist Mike Pyne had earned recognition separately before this session, where they were reunited. Tenor player Harold McNair also contributed significantly to the emerging authentic sound but his flute solo (Here’s That Rainy Day) stands far out. Composers of other tunes include Gershwin, as well as Tadd Dameron, the leader of the first major band Jones joined early in his career. The title tune is an original by Jones, based on the chord progression of Two Bass Hit by Miles Davis. Rejuvenating the session will be mostly the task of the horns, but the driving seat this time is reserved for the exquisite drummer, László Csízi.

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