MAO Session: Old Standars - Hosts: Attila Korb & János Ávéd

Opus Jazz Club
Attila Korb - trombone János Ávéd - saxophone Gábor Cseke - piano Márton Soós - double bass László Csízi - drums The occasional quintet formed from musicians of Modern Art Orchestra adds new spirit to melodies vanished a long time ago. This is of course not their invention, they just follow the tradition of former jazz giants, who by transcribing and/or rearranging different Thirties' and Forties' standards transformed them to body of work of Fifties' bebop. Sweet Georgia Brown turned into Dig in hands of Miles Davis, Charlie Parker's Donna Lee was based on Indiana, or Dizzy Gillespie created his famous Groovin' High from Whispering. With its classical lineup of two winds the quintet plays real vivid mainstream by performing old standards in a daring, up-to-date bebop style. Free entry! ℗ BMC
2013 November 27 Wednesday