mustMEET Composers 2017│ DialogScene / Young Opera Composers

  • Angel Hernandez-Lovera (Venezuela)
  • Chia-ying Lin (Taiwan)
  • Antoine Daurat (France)
  • Zixiao Wang (China)
  • Tomás Bordalejo (Argentina)

DialogScene is a music theatre workshop and production for young composers. This special music theatre workshop announced by the Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation is aiming to help young composers to produce contemporary duets for stage and give them an insight of how an opera can unfold from the first ideas of a libretto to the very last beat of a premiere. The 5 best mini-operas of the workshop will be selected and presented at Budapest Music Center staged by young directors of the University of Theatre and Film Arts. Before the premiere the public can get an insight of the operas and the ongoing rehearsals.

Host: Gregory Vajda, comnposer, conductor, professor of DialogScene

2017 September 11 Monday