Spotlight on Magnus Lindberg – closing concert of the Peter Eötvös Foundation’s masterclass

Mentoring Program 2022
Concert Hall

Balázs Kecskés D.: Extrodaesia – world premiere
Conductor: Jaehyuck Choi

Jongsung OH: A Horny Faun's Rampage – Hungarian Premiere
Conductor: Maurice Cohn

Paul Hindemith: Kammermusik no. 1., op.24/1
Movements 1–2: Constanca Simas
Movements 3–4: Ka Hou Fan


Francisco Dominguez: Sol de invierno – world premiere
until bar 78: Sung Hyo Lee
from bar 78: Benjamin Voce

Magnus Lindberg: Jubilees – Hungarian premiere
Movement 1: Benjamin Voce
Movements 2–3: Rosina Flückiger
Movements 4: Sung Hyo Lee
Movements 5–6: Jaehyuck Choi

  • Professzorok: Magnus Lindberg, Eötvös Péter, Vajda Gergely
  • Karmesterek: Jaehyuck Choi, Maurice Cohn, Rosina Flückiger, Ka Hou Fan, Junyong Kim, Constanca Simas, Sung Hyo Lee, Benjamin Voce
  • Ensemble Ars Nova (FR):
  • Samuel BRICAULT, Laura PERRINE MARTIN, Eric LAMBERGER, Philippe RECARD, Cédric BONNET, Emmanuel TRICHEUX, Matthias CHAMPON, Mathilde COMOY, Isabelle CORNELIS,
  • Christophe BREDELOUP, Aïda ARAGONESES AGUADO, Ambre VUILLERMOZ RAFFIN, Michel MAURER, Catherine JACQUET, Jean-Louis CONSTANT, Zoltán Tuska, Isabelle VEYRIER, Tanguy MENEZ
  • Technician: Erwan Le Métayer

The Peter Eötvös Foundation is hosting the French ensemble Ars Nova for the first time. Magnus Lindberg is coming to Budapest also for the first time to teach young conductors and composers together with Péter Eötvös and Gregory Vajda. Magnus Lindberg is one of the most internationally known Finnish composers today. He is primarily an instrumental composer, and above all, orchestral works make up a significant part of his oeuvre. With these great masters and young composers in the mentoring program, the young conductors of the master class will show what they have learned and experienced during the one-week course, and the young composers will also make their pieces specifically for this course concert and show to the audience in Budapest.

Tickets are available for 2500 HUF on the spot,
online at,
and at InterTicket Jegypont partners across Hungary.


2022 June 26 Sunday