Telemann with Surprises | Opening Concert of the 4th Early Music Summer Academy


Chamber works by Georg Philipp Telemann and a few surprises

  • Barnabás Hegyi – countertenor
  • Robert de Bree – oboe, recorder
  • Zsuzsanna Gyurina – flute
  • Szabolcs Illés – violin
  • Anna Lachegyi – viola da gamba, violoncello
  • Julianna Bereczki – harpsichord
  • Fanni Edőcs – harpsichord

In 2021, the Summer Academy of Early Music will be held for the 4th time, which will be accompanied by the opening concert of the professors for the first time ever. The musicians performing here are all teachers of the course held in Szentendre from 4 to 10 August 2021, who are also recognized experts in historical performance and instrumentation in international Early Music circles.

Improvisation will play an important role in the themes of the one-week event, and this year, for the first time, a baroque oboe and flute instrumental course will also be held. The surprises of this concert are also related to this, and as a special guest among the teachers we can welcome Robert de Bree, one of the most famous young Dutch experts of these wind instruments – and also historical improvisation. In addition to surprises, the backbone of the program are Telemann's trios and a quartet. Chamber music, particularly the trio genre is, by Telemann's own admission, one of the most important parts of his oeuvre of incredible size and richness, which contains both cheerful dance movements and deep meditative thoughts.

Free entry! Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.


2021 August 03 Tuesday