Transparent Sound 2023 | UMZE Ensemble: AUTOUR DE NOUS (Around us)

Concert Hall

Diane Soh: Autour de moi – Hungarian Premiere

David Hudry: Transmission – Hungarian Premiere
Feat.: Péter Szűcs – clarinet

Benoît Sitzia: éloge du Chant I. …d’une fleur, antérieure à tout savoir – Premiere
Feat: Odile Auboin – viola


Gryllus Samu: krrr, dmm, taaa ... – for Ligeti Guitar and Ensemble – Premiere, for the order of the UMZE Ensemble
Feat: Koltai Katalin – guitar

Aurél Holló: blue note, red note – a concerto – Premiere

  • Péter Szűcs – klarinét
  • Odile Auboin – viola
  • Katalin Koltai – guitar
  • Aurél Holló – percussion
  • UMZE Ensemble
  • Conductor: Gergely Vajda

This French-Belgian-Hungarian program, presents a mix of styles (Aurél Holló: Blue Note, Red Note); solo instrumental work (including an uncommon guitar); cultures (Francophone and Hungarian works from recent years); as well as three premieres prepared especially for the occasion (Sitzia and Gryllus); and lastly, the exciting cultural crossroads in the work of Singaporean Paris-based composer Diane Soh. The concert will be hosted by UMZE’s artistic director, conductor and composer Gergely Vajda.

Tickets are available for 2000 HUF on the spot,
online at,
and at InterTicket Jegypont partners across Hungary.


2023 February 05 Sunday