Trio Sordini (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Márton Kovács - violin, vocals
  • Ádám Móser - accordion, kaval
  • Csaba Gyulai - gadulka, daf

Two years ago, three musicians, who were also at home in theater circles, thought that they would call the sounds, rhythms and melodies they played in the plays directed by János Mohácsi to an independent life. They thought that the stringed strings of different origins, tearing apart from the system of a theatrical performance, could also come into contact with each other and tell further stories to both the musicians and even more so to the audience. And over time, more and more new melodies and rhythms emerge in the sometimes seemingly endless sound maze of the Trio Sordini.

Composition and improvisation, traveling from everywhere to everywhere: More than an hour and a half of unstoppable sound streams in two parts.

This concert was supported, in line with the Government decree 1290/ 2020. (VI.5) related to cultural institutions, in order to ease the economic difficulties caused by the Covid19 pandemic. 

Tickets are available for 1800 HUF on the spot, online at, and at InterTicket Jegypont partners across Hungary.

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We hold reservations until 8pm.

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2021 September 30 Thursday