CANCELLED | Year of the Instruments V. | Keyboard Instruments - Youth series of György Lakatos

  • György Lakatos - host, bassoon, piano

Adventuring in the world of musical instruments, this time after the bassoon, clarinet, cello and flute, the focus will be on keyboards in the youth series of György Lakatos Liszt and Bartók-Pásztory award-winning bassoon at the Budapest Music Center. The interactive performance on March 29 is given a speciality by the fact, that this day is the Piano Day, that means piano is being celebrated around the world on the same day, initiated by Nils Frahm. At the piano festival we will get to know many sides of this group of instruments, and György Lakatos will surely introduce a special instrument called Una Corda. The German-Latvian-origin instrument, made in David Klavins' workshop in Vác, Hungary since 2016, is like a skeleton in a school storage room for biology: we can see it only on exceptional occasions, but it use to become a protagonist immediately. The instrument is based on the idea of "one string per key", which is a spectacular illustration of what is happening beneath the surface, inside the piano. Children and parents who like to have fun are welcomed to the concert from the age of 5.

The program is in Hungarian.

Free entry!

2020 March 29 Sunday