Yonglee & the DOLTANG (KR)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Yong Lee - piano, keys
  • Songyi Jeon - vocals
  • Youngwoo Lee - synths, electronics
  • Hwansu Kang - bass guitar
  • Dayeon Seok - drums

Five natives of different parts of South Korea, DOLTANG is a collective represented with improvised music and unconventional compositions with the influences of jazz rock, progressive rock, and 21st century classical music.

Although their musical journey takes place in where it’s culturally and geographically furthest from the western music scene, their music is distant from Korean ethnicity. If anything, complexity of modern society is captured in their music as of multi-layered complex rhythms underneath the verbally singable melodies, and unfiltered expressions of emotions and creativity. Their distinctiveness comes from extended improvisational concepts, and versatile sound elements across acoustic and electric sounds. Working as a band over years enabled them to feel natural towards their music and to pull out their rationality and emotionality in a timely manner, and to pursue a common interest; to be completely genuine and to stay at the highest creativity level during the intricacy. Together, they are constantly exploring the new territories of improvised music and jazz.

Yonglee and his band DOLTANG recorded “Surface of Time” and released in Dec. 2021. Currently they are working on another recording called “Invisible Worker”, which will be released early 2024.


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2024 April 19 Friday