News Saint Ephraim Male Choir: Prima Klasse Weimar

It's not easy even to begin to explain what a huge part Weimar, the little Thuringian town played in European culture. It was the hometown of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and it was one of the most important center of classicism in Europe. Schiller, Herder, Liszt, Richard Strauss, Nietzsche also lived and worked there. Johann Sebastian Bach composed there for 10 years and Felix Mendelssohn started his carreer there, too. Weimar is a central part of the classical culture. At the end of December the Saint Ephraim Male Choir takes the audience of the Budapest Music Center to this town, Weimar to experience its unique history and culture.

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Saturday, 28 December 2019 from 19:30 Concert Hall


Ferenc Liszt: Pax Vobiscum
Johann Sebastian Bach: Pastorella - Movements I and II
Ferenc Liszt: Mass fo Male Voices
Johann Nepomuk Hummel: Prelude and Fugue in C minor op. opst. 7
Ferenc Liszt: Laudate Dominum
Robert Schumann: Rastlose liebe
Ferenc Liszt: Soldatenlied
Ferenc Liszt: Über allen Gipfeln ist Ruh
Richard Wagner: Tannhäuser - Pilgrim's Chorus


László Gesztesi-Tóth – organ
Saint Ephraim Male Choir
Founder: Tamás Bubnó

On the first day of the Prima Klasse Weimar the focus is on the male choir sound and the organ. 

Sunday, 29 December 2019 from 19:30 Concert Hall


Franz Schubert: Gesang der Geister über den Wassern
Johann Nepomuk Hummel: G-dúr vonóstrió
Ferenc Liszt: Gottes ist der Orient
Robert Schumann: Talismane
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Denn er hat seinen Engeln
Johann Sebastian Bach: BWV 182 "Himmelskönig, sei willkommen”
Ferenc Liszt: Salve Regina


Female choir: Márta Murányi, Júlia Pásztor, Zsuzsanna Drabik, Katalin Károly, Sára Dezső
Solo: Katalin Károlyi, Viktor Papp, Péter Tóth
Aura Musicale
Artistic Director: Balázs Máté
Saint Ephraim Male Choir
Founder: Tamás Bubnó

Johann Sebastian Bach composed many chamber and organ pieces in Wiemar. At the second night of the Prima Klasse Weimar series, the Saint Ephraim Male Choir will sing together with the Aura Musicale Female Choir. They will evoke the compositions of Bach, Hummel, Schubert, Liszt, Schumann and Mendelssohn.

Monday, 30 December 2019 from 19:30 Concert Hall


Saint Ephraim Male Choir
Artistic Director: Tamás Bubnó

During the third concert of Prima Klasse Weimar we try to explore how can somebody be in love and be sad at the same time, refering to The Sorrows of Young Werther from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.