News Label of The Year Award for BMC Records

The New York City Jazz Record has selected BMC Records as one of the top five jazz record labels of 2020, and awarded several of its recent releases as well.

The New York City Jazz Record – the long-running magazine named as the most current New York jazz magazine by American saxophonist Joe Lovano and identified as one of the most reliable sources of international jazz and avant-garde music by music critic John Gray – has been following the releases of BMC Records, the Hungarian jazz and contemporary music label for many years.

This year, the Miklós Lukács Cimbiosis received the BEST NEW RELEASES OF THE YEAR award for ’Music From the Solitude of Timeless Minutes’, a stirring contemporary jazz record.
BMC Records is also featured in three other categories in the 2020 awards: ’Mussorgsky Pictures Revisited’ by Kristjan Randalu and Dave Liebman is featured in the BEST TRIBUTES OF THE YEAR category, while the editors also gave an honorable mention to ’Do Not Slam the Door!’ by the Grencsó Collective Special 5 and Ken Vandermark.

BMC Records itself received the prestigious RECORD LABEL OF THE YEAR award. This is indeed a milestone in the history of BMC Records, appearing on the same prestigious award platform with record labels such as Intakt, Sunnyside Records, and ECM.

The New York City Jazz Record has already awarded BMC Records releases several times in various categories in the past. The superb artworks of László Huszár, who recently passed away and was responsible for the visual image of BMC Records, were recognized by the magazine with multiple awards: the 2014 album by Michael Schiefel's Platypus Trio (on which Miklós Lukács plays the cimbalom), in 2016 for Daniel Erdmann's Velvet Revolution’s ’A Short Moment of Zero G’, and in 2017 for Trio Contrast’s ’From the Dionysian Sound Sparks...’, all of which won the BEST ARTWORK award. In 2016, two BMC Records solo albums appeared in the HONORABLE MENTION category: Csaba Palotai's solo guitar album ’The Deserter’ and Michiel Braam's solo piano album. This year’s winner, Miklós Lukács already earned the BEST NEW RELEASES OF THE YEAR award in 2017 with ’Cimbalom Unlimited’ featuring Larry Grenadier and Eric Harland.