Ádám Szokolay and the Budapest Strings

Concert Hall
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Cassation in G major, K. 63
  • Ádám Szokolay - piano
  • Budapest Strings
  • Concert master: János Pilz
  • Artistic director: Károly Botvay

Dear Visitors, we regret to inform you that Ferenc Rados will not perform on due to health reasons. As a replacement, pianist Ádám Szokolay will be the soloist of the evening. We appreciate your understanding.

Born in 1920, Pál Járdányi is one of the classical greats of 20th century Hungarian music, who worked in the triple role of composing, teaching and researching folk music. He showed his vocation at the age of twenty: in addition to his degree in violin and composition, he also obtained a doctorate in ethnography. The Szimfonietta was composed in these years. As its title suggests, we can hear a small four-movement symphony, which, with its fresh rhythmic playing and richness of melodies, became one of the composer's first significant works.

Mozart's Piano concerto in A major (K. 414) was a reaction to the requirements of the era, as the genre of piano concerto was very popular in Vienna in the 1780s, and Mozart was able to make a successful debut (as both a presenter and an author) in the city as he was an excellent pianist. In this piano concerto, however, Mozart omits the dramatic twists that characterize him and focuses more on the melodic richness that is akin to the work in its mood with his violin concertos.

The term cassatio is perhaps less well known to today’s audience. It is a genre related to serenade and divertimento, used most in southern Germany in the second half of the 18th century. It usually meant entertaining music for an outdoor performance, its name comes from the word 'farewell, ending'. Just like in the past, now it will be performed as the closing piece of the evening.

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2022 May 07 Saturday