Bach Bridges | Concertante

Concert Hall

Csaba Szabó: Psalm from the collection of the Harmonized Transylvanian-Hungarian songs from 18th century
Antonio Vivaldi: Cello Concerto in B minor for cello and orchestra RV 424
                          Allegro non molto
Traditional Syrian music

Oene van Geel:
Concerto for Shaza, Jawa en Modar


Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 4 in G major, Op. 58 (chamber version)
                                      Allegro moderato
                                      Andante con moto
                                      Rondo. Vivace

  • Yang Yang Cai – zongora
  • Szabó Ildikó – cselló
  • Qasyoun Trio:
  • Shaza Manla – qanun
  • Jawa Manla – oud
  • Modar Salama – ütőhangszerek
  • Adrián Marrero – hegedű
  • Jae-Won Lee – hegedű
  • Kökény Eszter – hegedű
  • Michael Gieler – brácsa
  • Oene van Geel – brácsa
  • Szabó Péter – cselló
  • Lidy Blijdorp – cselló
  • Ximo Clemente Riera – nagybőgő
  • Várallyay Ágnes – csembaló

The second concert of the Bach Bridges Festival showcases brilliance and musical depth in 300 years of music for solo instruments and orchestra. Vivaldi in his time was nothing less than an international celebrity, based mainly on his mesmerizing writing for solo instruments. Beethoven of course led the piano concerto to heights which have not been matched since. The young Dutch composer Oene van Geel wrote his Concerto for the Qasyoun Trio. He uses these three Syrian solists playing on traditional instruments to proclaim his admiration for Arab music – and for Johann Sebastian Bach.

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2020 April 01 Wednesday