Compositions by Attila Demény

Concert Hall

Attila Demény: Ten Piano Pieces
Attila Demény: Five Songs (for soprano and clarinet, on poems by Sándor Weöres)
Attila Demény: Csontváry and Kafka's Meeting (for soprano, violin, vibraphone and piano, on a poem by Géza Szőcs)
Attila Demény: Four Bagatelles (for soprano and cymbalo and male chorus)
Attila Demény: Longings (for male chorus on poems by András Visky)
Attila Demény: Love Songs (for soprano, clarinet, cymbalo and male chorus, on poems by László Nagy, Zsófia Balla and Géza Szőcs)
Attila Demény: Double Sonnet (for soprano, baritone and chamber orchestra, on a poem by Géza Szőcs)
Attila Demény: The Final Sour Cherry Stone (chamber opera on István Örkény's one-minute story)

  • Eszter Sára Kővári – soprano [2,6]
  • Lívia Antal – soprano [3,7]
  • Ágnes Szakály – cymbalo [4,6]
  • Lajos Rozmán – clarinet [2,6]
  • Endre Ferenczy – violin, concert master [3,7,8]
  • Zoltán Horváth – piano [3]
  • Balázs Demény – piano [1]
  • Domokos Csergő – vibraphone [3]
  • Róbert Laczkó – actor, baritone [7,8]
  • Tony Bardon – tenor [8]
  • Árpád Sándor - bass [8]
  • Gábor Viola – actor, baritone [8]
  • Zsolt Bogdán – actor, narrator [8]
  • Saint Ephraim Efrém Male Choir [5,6]
  • Tamás Bubnó – conductor [5,6]
  • Chamber Orchestra of the Hungarian Opera from Cluj Napoca [7,8]
  • Katalin Gergely Incze – conductor [7,8]
  • Zsolt Bogdán, Attila Demény – director [7,8]

Attila Demény is a composer, conductor, opera director, pianist, festival director. He is a prominent figure of the Hungarian musical scene, well-known also abroad for his diversified activity. Demény’s composer activity is characterized by an outstanding professional knowledge and a special, individual style combining the musical languages of the 20th century. An essential expressionist style conveys important musical narratives of Central and Eastern Europe from the turn of the century.

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2019 October 14 Monday