Deep Ford (F)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Robin Fincker - tenor saxophone
  • Benoit Delbecq - piano
  • Sylvain Darrifourcq - drums

“Deep Ford’s well-worked minimalism offered floaty unison lines over chattering percussion and an emphasis on silence and space. But moods varied, and the set never failed to grip. The highlight was ‘Tranquil’, a furore of fractured drum breaks that was anything but.” Mike Hobart, Financial Times

Deep Ford unveils a melodic pathway full of turns and rebounds. This trio of fierce improvisers and seasoned composers explores how the saxophone can wend its way through the intense mechanic of struck strings and drum skins. It searches for the exact timbre to merge a clarinet song into the depth of a bass keyboard and the free-flowing way to let a drum chant unfold on top of the imperturbable loops that accompany it. Along this journey, the straight and rich sound of Robin Fincker associates with Benoit Delbecq’ singular prepared-piano techniques and with the precise and sharp mechanic of Sylvain Darrifourcq’s drums.

Deep Ford travels with the sensations of aquatic immersion whilst giving its music the motion of a crossing between shores. 

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2018 February 03 Saturday