j(A)zz! | Dés András Strudel (HU/AT)

Opus Jazz Club
  • András Dés - percussion
  • Márton Fenyvesi - guitar, electronics
  • Philipp Nykrin - piano
  • Martin Eberle - trumpet

“Jazz means democracy and play for me. As we all know, a game works well when it is taken seriously, and democracy works well if you give everyone as much freedom as possible within the existing set of rules. When this happens, the players dare to take risks, to explore new paths and not to be afraid of feeling lost for a moment. In such an environment, we look out for each other and accept that not everyone will always choose the same path. We know that by doing so, together we can create something exciting; we give ourselves a chance to make a miracle happen.” – András Dés

András Dés has been experimenting for some time with his bands to combine pre-written, rigorously composed parts with free improvisations. Dés, based in Vienna since 2018, and sought-after Hungarian guitarist and sound engineer Márton Fenyvesi have found great partners in the delicate, sensitive trumpeter Martin Eberle and the exceptionally creative pianist Philipp Nykrin. Their quartet is named after the strudel, an important element of the culinary consciousness of both Hungary and Austria, and a wonder where the cook can fill the dough with whatever he or she can imagine. So the quartet is looking for common ground from which to start out and create new stories.

Tickets are available for 3200 HUF on the spot, online at, and at InterTicket Jegypont partners across Hungary.

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2023 July 05 Wednesday