Dohnányi Quartet 3/3. | Mozart, Brahms


W. A. Mozart: String Quartet in C major 'Dissonanzen', K. 465
Johannes Brahms: String Quartet in c minor, Op. 51 No 1

  • Dávid Pintér - violin
  • Áron Dóczi - violin
  • Péter Tornyai - viola
  • Orsolya Mód - violoncello

In the fourth thematic concert series of the Dohnányi Quartet (formerly known as the Rondo Quartet), the string quartets of Mozart and Brahms are placed next to each other. Undoubtedly, the (late) Beethoven Quartets signify the greatest turning point in the history of the genre. After these works, writing string quartets became the most rigorous examination of all composers, a test of professional knowledge and invention. It’s no coincidence that a composer as grand and prolific as Brahms,confessed to writing (and subsequently destroying) more than twenty string quartets by the time he dared to present with his three quartets. In contrast, Mozart's string quartets are the last masterpieces from the "times of peace" before Beethoven, although the ambition can be felt in them as well: the young composer wanted to impress the creator of the genre, 'Father' Haydn, with pieces showcasing outstanding ideas even by Mozart's own standards.

Free entry! Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.



2021 September 20 Monday