Jazz Migration | No Sax No Clar | Kepler (FR)

Opus Jazz Club

20:00 - 20:50 NoSax NoClar

21:00 - 21:50 Kepler

  • No Sax No Clar:
  • Julien Stella - clarinet
  • Bastien Weeger - saxophone, clarinet
  • ---
  • Kepler
  • Julien Pontvianne - tenor saxophone, clarinet
  • Adrien Sanchez - tenor saxophone
  • Maxime Sanchez - piano

NoSax NoClar remind us that travelling can still take us into the mystery of the unknown; that is something we should cherish. Julien Stella and Bastien Weeger extend our horizons outwards, through Julien Stella's boundless musical curiosity (Ireland, the Balkans, for example); but also inwards by letting the sound of breath bring us back into our own dreams. In this unusual combination of instruments, the two musicians have no alternative but to be continuously reinventing themselves, and to maintain the energy level needed to keep their breath going, while also exploring the rhythmic, harmonic and timbral possibilities.


There is nothing like limitation and restriction to foster inventiveness. Taking short forms, always at a slow or medium tempo, the three musicians of the Kepler Trio, (Maxime Sanchez, piano, Adrien Sanchez, tenor sax, Julien Pontvianne, tenor sax and clarinet) set out to explore timbres, echoes, chimeras, and both natural and artificial resonance. And as they do so, their minimalist approach becomes poetic and reveals its depth. Ultimately the listener is led to focus where song and melody simply overwhelm the senses, and is taken right back to a lost paradise of innocence.



The concert is being performed as part of the Jazz Migration series established by AJC to support the professional development of new jazz groups.

2020 October 28 Wednesday