Jazzdor Strasbourg-Budapest | Vincent Courtois - Sanne Rambags - Julian Sartorius (FR/NL/CH) | O.U.R.S. (FR)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Sanne Rambags - voice
  • Vincent Courtois - cello
  • Julian Sartorius - drums, percussion
  • Clément Janinet - violin, compositions
  • Hugues Mayot - bass clarinet, tenor saxophone
  • Joachim Florent - double bass
  • Emmanuel Scarpa - drums

The first edition of Jazzdor Budapest launches with the premiere of an irresistibly intimate and poetic album. The Twigs trio was founded by French jazz icon Vincent Courtois, who has chosen two rising stars to join him. Dutch singer Sanne Rambags, who leads several bands on her own, is one of the great hopes of the international jazz world, while Swiss drummer and media artist Julian Sartorius has been one of Europe's most sought-after performers for years. Their album, recorded last summer at the BMC, is song-centred chamber jazz with improvisations, in an undefinable style that echoes everything from traditional jazz to contemporary classical music and shamanistic folk. Whether she whispers or sings in guttural voice, Rambags always captivates with her immediacy, while Courtois and Sartorius are ready to punctuate or contradict the singer's words.

Renowned French violinist Clément Janinet founded the O.U.R.S. quartet in 2017. The band's name is a play on words: their full name is Ornette Under the Repetitive Skies, but the acronym itself means bear in French. Since the release of their album on BMC Records in September 2022, they have received the highest critical awards in all French jazz magazines. The album combines the sonic and rhythmic textures of American contemporary repetitive music, the lyricism of Ornette’s free jazz and a somewhat rockish mood, but Janinet's compositions also draw inspiration from the musical world of African trance and liturgical chants. Joined by three equally distinguished, seasoned and inventive colleagues, the violinist conjures streams of sound that are both conceptual and freely floating.

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