Lajos Rozmán Quartet feat. Gábor Gadó: Discharge (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Lajos Rozmán - clarinets
  • Gábor Gadó - guitar
  • Anna Rákóczy - flute
  • Ernő Hock - double bass

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Contemporary jazz and contemporary classical music are almost indistinguishable concepts, their boundaries seem to be blurring. What is most important about them is the encounter: what happens when different practices, worlds that mutually support and presuppose each other, enter into an alliance? What kind of electricity is generated and what kind of music is born out of it here and now? 

Lajos Rozmán is an experimental performer who has made his mark as a soloist and in many forms of ensemble playing, from duo to large orchestra. He knows every aspect of organising and leading a performance, both as an instrumentalist and as a conductor. This knowledge is expressed in a distinctive sound and the intensive inner dynamism of his playing. All this experience and improvisational instinct, partly inherited from the greatest figures of written music, is combined with the unmistakable, noble beauty of Gábor Gadó's composed and free music, rooted in tradition and individual at the same time.

This is not their first meeting, but rather the latest stage of their work together in a wide variety of settings. The inner guarantee of the electric discharge that results from this encounter is provided by Anna Rákóczy and Ernő Hock, longtime companions of Rozmán and Gadó’s journey.  

The show brings to life the musical memory of several centuries through Gábor Gadó's latest songs and transcriptions in unexpected tones.

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2023 June 09 Friday