Leila Martial – Valentin Ceccaldi: FiL (FR)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Leïla Martial – vocals, effects
  • Valentin Ceccaldi – cello

In a fragile balance between song, improvisation and contemporary music, singer Leïla Martial and cellist Valentin Ceccaldi offer funambulists' music whose specificity and irresistible charm lie in the fact that it is constantly played like on a wire... Projecting themselves without a net into the unknown of this high-risk minimalist formula where no wrong step is allowed, the duo unrolls its references (a standard by Mal Waldron, an air by Purcell, a lied by Fauré, a Berio's song…), to better venture, through improbable formal diversions and delicate sound metamorphoses, to the far ends of bruitist theater. Both radically experimental and intensely lyrical, this music of the instant fascinates by its audacity and poetry.

The duo will record their new album at BMC in the days following the concert, so we can expect yet another forward-thinking French jazz album in the rich catalogue of BMC Records.

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2022 December 16 Friday