Ligeti 100 | Trio K | Amadinda Percussion Project & Katalin Károlyi | Vera Ligeti, György Kurtág, Gergely Fazekas

Concert Hall

Interlude 1: hello!

György Kurtág: Virág az ember
Toshio Hosokawa: Twill (Aya-Ori) (2016) – commissioned for Intimate Letters

Interlude 2: not ppp

Robert Schumann: Phantasiestücke, op 73/2
György Kurtág: Népdalféle
Lukas Ligeti: Passacaglia con variazioni – commissioned for Intimate Letters

Interlude 3: I love music

György Kurtág: Magyar nyelvlecke külföldieknek I.
Howard Skempton: Larghetto
György Kurtág: Valse Sentimentale – Hommage à Ravel

Interlude 4: doloroso

György Kurtág: Doloroso
György Kurtág: Balatonboglári emlék 5/8-ban
Alessio Elia: L’impermanenza della Memoria – commissioned for Intimate Letters, premiere

Interlude 5: Jacopone da Todi

Valentin Silvestrov: Post Ludium 3 
György Kurtág: Magyar nyelvlecke külföldieknek II.
György Kurtág:
Bagatellen, op. 14d

Interlude 6: György's Rap

Riccardo Vaglini: Restauro Stidda Lucenti
György Kurtág: Schatten
Peter Ablinger:
Koko Kukta – commissioned for Intimate Letters

Interlude 7: two friends

György Kurtág: Magyar nyelvlecke külföldieknek III.
Péter Eötvös: Molto Tranquillo (Kurtág 90) – commissioned for Intimate Letters

Interlude 8: Dominus

László Sáry: Mindig csak az van, ami van – commissioned for Intimate Letters
György Kurtág: Virág az ember

György Ligeti: Síppal, dobbal, nádihegedűvel

Podium talk in Hungarian featuring Vera Ligeti, György Kurtág, and Gergely Fazekas

  • Manuel Zurria – flute
  • Francesco Dillon – cello
  • Emanuele Torquati – piano
  • Katalin Károlyi – mezzo-soprano
  • Amadinda Percussion Project:
  • Zoltán Rácz
  • Dávid Burcsik
  • Benjámin Mohácsi
  • András Simon
  • Vera Ligeti
  • György Kurtág
  • Gergely Fazekas, music historian

Trio K's Intimate Letters is a tribute to György Kurtág. The project was born from Costellazione K, which represents the theatrical mise en scéne, created together with the director Pietro Babina on August 20th 2016, at the Teatro dei Rozzi in Siena, for the Chigiana Music Week. Of course, Intimate Letters evokes Leoš Janáček, but at the same time it marks a path in György Kurtág's human nature. His voice, in fact, stolen through a quick telephone conversation, caught during a lesson or, again, recorded during a rehearsal with Claudio Abbado, suggests, signs, invokes, screams, jams, flies and travels. Fast, of course, and always struggling to keep up with his super-mobile way of thinking. An uncompromising, radical, coherent, lucid, destabilizing thought. A whole world caught in the act. Kurtág's voice unravels through music, dispenses pearls of wisdom, marks the time of our musical journey around him. Together with his music you will listen to pieces commissioned to composers as a tribute for this event that intended to celebrate, in 2016, his ninetieth birthday. In order of appearance: Toshio Hosokawa, Peter Ablinger, Lukás Ligeti, Alessio Elia, Howard Skempton, Riccardo Vaglini, Peter Eötvös, László Sáry. Together with them, music from the past by beloved composers: Robert Schumann and Johann Sebastian Bach. A floral tribute, therefore, where the flowers take on a metaphorical guise, as in his music. Those flowers that represent the delicacy, the transparency and transience of our existence.

At the intersection of the evening is Ligeti's last completed work, Síppal, dobbal, nádihegedűvel, written for Katalin Károlyi and the Amadinda Percussion Group. This time, the piece will be performed by Katalin Károlyi and the Amadinda Percussion Project, heir to the legendary Hungarian contemporary music percussion ensemble. The Amadinda Percussion Project gave its first concert at the Liszt Academy in 2018. The ensemble was founded by Zoltán Rácz with the aim of creating ambitious chamber music programmes through which they could pass on their knowledge to the young generation of Hungarian percussionists, using the infrastructure and involving the members of Amadinda.

Following the concert, Vera Ligeti, György Kurtág and music historian Gergely Fazekas will bring the iconic figure of 20th-century music closer to the audience: Ligeti, the person and Ligeti, the artist. The language of the conversation is Hungarian.

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2023 May 23 Tuesday