Mihály Dresch String Quartet feat. Hortenzia Lőrincz (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Mihály Dresch - saxophone, fuhun
  • Sándor Csoóri Jr. - viola, tambura
  • Ferenc Zimber - cimbalom
  • András Bognár - double bass
  • guest:
  • Hortenzia Lőrincz - vocals

Mihály Dresch founded his String Quartet a few years ago to create an exciting mix of genres this time from a folk music perspective, of course with the trademark Dresch sound. Their first studio album, entitled Forrásból, was released in 2017 by the Fonó Records, which was born as the first imprint of new musical qualities created at the intersection of jazz and Hungarian folk music traditions. "With his saxophone, fuhun and surprisingly powerful vocals, Mihály Dresch took on the primate role of folk music in the traditional sense - with naturalness. An album that was a great fit in the Dresch oeuvre was created in both the dance house and the concert hall" - Attila Retkes wrote about the record in Gramofon magazine. The second album of the formation, Ongaku, was released in 2021. Mihály Dresch said about the record: "In Japanese, ongaku means music. In Chinese, this character differs with one single sign from character of 'medicine'. On the occasion of a rehearsal, when this composition had not yet received a final name, we felt the atmosphere of the oriental cultures. These two concepts can be easily connected with Hungarian thinking as well. The relationship between music and the soul is not a novel idea, its beneficial effects have already been recognized by the ancient Greeks. I hope this album approaches these two meanings".

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2021 September 18 Saturday