mustMEET Composers 2018 │ Johannes Schöllhorn


Johannes Schöllhorn:
- Grisaille
- Hommage á Ravel
- In Nomine
- Bis
- Oréade

talks and mini-concert

Host: Tünde Szitha music historian, director of EDITIO MUSICA BUDAPEST
Guest: Johannes Schöllhorn composer, professor
Feat.: Ditta Rohmann - cello, Eszter Haffner -violin, Péter Bársony - viola, Péter Kiss - piano

German composer and professor Johannes Schöllhorn will be in focus of this public meeting with live music and talks. Our goal is to promote contemporary music for the Hungarian public so that they can familiarize with important composers of our time. It will be a unique opportunity to get an insight of the Schöllhorn-universe with young talented Hunagrian musicians.

Language of the evening: English
Entry is free but the registration is obligatory at
Supporter of the mustMEET Composers 2018 series: Goethe-Institut Ungarn

February 12 Monday