mustMEET Composers 2019 | Kaija Saariaho


Duft (clarinet solo)
Spins and Spells (cello solo)
Oi Kuu (bass clarinet – cello duo)
Dolce Tormento (piccolo solo)

  • Camilla Hoitenga - piccolo
  • Ditta Rohmann - violoncello
  • Péter Szűcs - clarinet

Talks and mini concert

Kaija Saariaho is an internationally acclaimed Finnish composer, opera performer, who is visiting Hungary for the first time and will teach at the conductor master course organized by Péter Eötvös. Kaija Saariaho is currently one of the most popular contemporary composers, recently awarded the prestigious Frontiers of Knowledge Award of the BBVA Foundation which was previously awarded to György Kurtág. The specialty of the eveing will be that Camilla Hoitenga, the regular flutist and friend of Saariaho’s will be guest performing.

Host: Gergely Fazekas, music historian

Language of the talks: English.

Supporter: National Cultural Fund

Partner: Finnagora

Entry is free but the registration is obligatory at

2019 April 08 Monday