Percussion & Voice – Concert of the Danubia Percussion Ensemble and Bálint Gájer

Concert Hall
  • Bálint Gájer – voice

  • Danubia Percussion Ensemble:
  • Magor Szabolcs Keresztes – ensemble leader
  • Zsuzsanna Wenzon
  • Illés Árpád Halász
  • Máté Kolics
  • Balázs Laczkó-Pető
  • Attila Szekér

  • Péter Ács – bass guitar

  • Host: Tamás Szalai-Preisz

In its new show, the Danubia Percussion Ensemble invites all music lovers to a unique, so far rarely experienced musical exploration! The concert will guide you into the surprising and always exciting world of the singing voice and the percussion instruments. In their joint production, Bálint Gájer and the Danubia Percussion Ensemble will introduce you to the thousand faces of swing, latin and pop music in a whole new interpretation. The audience will experience the union of two worlds on the stage: the velvety singing voice and the percussion chamber music. Their show strives to touch not only the ears but also the hearts of the audience. The combination of the musical dimensions of Bálint Gájer and the ensemble will undoubtedly provide an experience that is worth seeing for adults and children alike. During the evening, songs specially arranged and recomposed for this formation will be performed. What's more, Bálint may even revive his percussion studies. This fascinating musical fusion is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face!

Tickets are available for 7000 HUF on the spot,
online at,
and at InterTicket Jegypont partners across Hungary.

2024 April 13 Saturday