Quartet Ajaton: Early Music in the Latest Way (FI)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Mia Simanainen - vocals
  • Henrik Sandås - bandoneon
  • Kari Ikonen - Moog synthesizer
  • Aino Juutilainen - cello

“For our second adventure in music, our purpose was to travel through time and tradition, and create a bridge between old and the new. We wanted to transform these time-worn songs into something exciting, fun, and open – into music that people centuries ago would have considered utopian.” Ajaton, “timeless” in Finnish, likes to travel through ages. The second album Early Music in the Latest Way (Alba Records 2021) focuses on renaissance and baroque music. Ambitiously crafted arrangements with delicious details are interpreted in bold and luxurious manner: with biting jazz harmonies and highly devoted improvising. The elegant sound palette and bubbling rhythms take the listener to a deep dive – or a space trip. Artists, whose backgrounds extend from jazz, baroque and tango nuevo to more experimental and improvised music, have been providing the audience with an exciting musical experience already for 7 years now. Quartet Ajaton, founded by vocalist Mia Simanainen, has performed and toured this far in Finland, Estonia, Sweden, England and Russia.

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2022 September 24 Saturday