Viktor Tóth Tercett feat. Kriszta Pocsai & Nina Sára Horváth (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Viktor Tóth - saxophone
  • György Orbán - double bass
  • Dávid Hodek - drums
  • guests:
  • Kriszta Pocsai - vocals
  • Sára Nina Horváth - vocals

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The Tercett is the longest-running band of the ‘Jazz Musician of the Year’ awarded jazz saxophonist and composer Viktor Tóth. The strong rhythm section comprised of bassist György Orbán and drummer Dávid Hodek join as equal partners for his compositions and play. It is not an overstatement that they play their steadily renewing program on a level and with a self-confidence, comparable to the great saxophone trios of jazz history.

This time, the Tercett gives a very special concert with the guest appearance of two great singers. As the leader puts it:

“In music, I often use my momentary, suggestion-like feelings. The idea of a concert with ​​this special lineup was also just a sudden thought. I was just going home after a concert, thinking about some of my beloved people and musicians. And suddenly, some unrecognized power, in a blink of an eye, put them together to a picture – to a group, whom inside I've heard already to play together. I’ve been playing with Krisztina Pocsai in her quartet for twenty years and I loved her music. I have always considered her as my favourite Hungarian jazz singer because she ‘speaks’ jazz on a native level. She lives it. She has even an individual ‘dialect’, free and bright. Kriszti is one of the few jazz musicians who attend concerts, listen to colleagues. She was honouring me often by her the presence on my concerts. In fact, at a recent request, shw would have liked Tercett as partner to a concert of her, because she admitted that she liked the Tercett’s freedom. It didn’t come together then, but it was incredibly inspiring for me – a singer longing for freedom. Because I do as well. Because the only thing that’s interesting me is the music of the present moment. Then the invisible force pushed my long-time friend, Sára Horváth to the picture ... ‘If you invite a singer, why not just two?’ said the voice. Yes, if to have a ‘family concert’ with the musicians I like best, then Sára should be there, too. I think that Sára Nina Horváth is a very special highlight of the Hungarian music universe. She comes from folk music and is interested in the depth of jazz. She collects her musical bouquet from the finest, purest flowers on the field. And she improvises with them. Deeply and free.
I’m much looking forward to the concert with these excellent artists. I can’t wait to hear the music we will create, never been before and never won’t.” Viktor Tóth 

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2022 February 18 Friday