Evenings of Cinema │ Miklós Jancsó: My Way Home

guest: Máté Balogh, composer

(Így jöttem)
Hungarian drama film, 1964, 108 min. - In Hungarian
director: Miklós Jancsó
script writer: Luca Karall, Gyula Hernádi, Imre Vadász
cinematography: Tamás Somló
editor: Zoltán Farkas
set design: Erzsébet Mialkovszky
producer: József Györffy
music by Zoltán Jeney

Featuring: András Bálint, Miklós Gábor, Dániel Erdélyi, Klári Tolnay, Kati Sólyom, Zsuzsa Ráthonyi, Rita Békés, Judit Halász, Péter Huszti, András Kozák

The screening will be introduced by film- and music critic László Kolozsi (in Hungarian).

Guest: Máté Balogh - composer

In the final days of WWII, a seventeen-year-old boy wanders the countryside. He is captured by Soviet troops, then released, then captured once more - after he has donned a German uniform for warmth - and imprisoned at a remote barracks, where he strikes up an unlikely friendship with a young Russian soldier. His attempts to return home form the crux of this wonderfully lyrical film, which displays all of the director's consistent themes: the psychological presence of landscape, the randomness of violence, the arbitrary nature of power...

Entry to the program is free, but due to the limited number of seats a primary registration via e-mail ( is requested, latest by 12:00 17th November, 2021. Thanks for your understanding!


2021 November 17 Wednesday