Festival de la Francophonie | Brun - Courtois - Fincker: Les Démons de Tosca, Opus I. (FR)

BMC Records album debut
Opus Jazz Club
  • Vincent Courtois - cello
  • Robin Fincker - saxophone
  • Sebastien Brun - drums

Strengthened by his many experiences and influences, the outstanding French cellist Vincent Courtois has developed an individual exploration of music. His creative process builds on musical relationships, the balance of personalities and energies, the impact of contrast, ideas of sound, images, incertitude and silence. Creating a musical form where freedom is paradoxically managed with utmost rigour and attentiveness, he gives collective creation a chance and each collaborator a unique position in a spirit of trust and mutual involvement. 

In the spring of 2017 Vincent Courtois  started “Les Demons de Tosca”, a multidisciplinary project involving nine musicians, one comedian, one photographer and a sound-designer. It questions the notion of “demon” in the creative process. Using the libretto from Puccini’s opera, each event of the project features a new combination of players from the ensemble. One of the first concerts happened at the Opus club in the Budapest Music Center, including saxophonist and clarinettist Robin Fincker, with a taste for new experiences as well as a desire to draw from a musical spectrum that is free from stylistic concerns and Seb Brun, one of the best in the younger generation of French drummers. The libretto of Tosca served as the main thread throughout the creative process, which was a mix between acoustic and electric, with a lot of improvisation. While always remaining melodic, the music remained free but controlled, demanding but generous, deep and crystal clear, and ultimately providing for everybody present an instinctual, primitive, intimate and unique experience.

After several re-listening the recording of the mentioned Opus concert, Courtois and his accomplices, in joyful accordance with BMC Records, decided to release an edited version of it, entitled Opus I. of the Demons of Tosca project.

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2019 March 30 Saturday