Jorge Torrecillas Ensamble: Una Busqueda Infinita (AR)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Jorge Torrecillas - tenor and alto sax, composition
  • Inti Sabev - clarinet, bass clarinet
  • Pablo Vazquez - double bass, electronics
  • Santiago Lacabe - drums

Jorge Torrecillas Ensamble, established in mid-2011, was born with the aim to create original compositions by experimenting with new timbral and rhythmic possibilities of established patterns from contemporary jazz, avant-garde, new music and collective improvisation. Counterpoint, polytonality and polymodality play important role in these compositions along with elements of serial music. Although these features may be more typical in contemporary music, the Ensamble effortlessly combines them with jazz ‘grooves’. A lot of free improvisation allows the musicians further means of artistic creation, based on their intuition and skills. 

After the 2013 self-produced release of their debut, Indigo, they toured intensively in Argentina and Uruguay, while their 2017 sophomore album, Una búsqueda infinita issued on Discordian Records, Barcelona, brought them the possibility to play already on the European continent as well.

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2019 October 29 Tuesday