mustMEET Composers Stockhausen90 │ Kathinka Pasveer


Karlheinz Stockhausen: ZUNGENSPITZENTANZ
performed by Kathinka Pasveer - picolo

Karlheinz Stockhausen: HALT
performed by Tamás Pálfalvi - trumpet and Dominik Wagner - double bass

talks and mini-concert

Host: Peter Eötvös composer, conductor, professor
Guest: Kathinka Pasveer, flutist, co-director of Stockhausen Foundation

This year we celebrate the oeuvre of Stockhausen and we join these celebrations with oour Stockhausen 90 master class and this evening also where Peter Eötvös has invited a true protector of Stockhausen’s legacy. Kathinka Pasveer is a world known performer and teacher, she will guide us to the secrects of this great composer and she will also perform along with young musicians.

Language of the evening: German

Supporter of the mustMEET Composers 2018 series: Goethe-Institut Budapest

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June 01 Friday