Pasquale Calò 4tet: Portrait of a Butterfly (IT)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Pasquale Calò - tenor saxophone
  • Enrico Degani - guitar
  • Zevi Bordovach - keyboards, synthesizer
  • Michele Bussone - drums

Portrait of a Butterfly is a project by saxophonist and composer Pasquale Calò. The group is completed by Enrico Degani on guitar, Zevi Bordovach on piano and synthesizers and Michele Bussone on drums. The music is a melting pot of jazz, rock, ambient, with open space for improvisation, on structures or free. The project has been active since 2015, the group has performed in several Italian cities and in various artistic events. The album will be released in September 2019 for the Mediterranean Creative Records label.

Portrait of a Butterfly is a story of resurrection, of change through Beauty. It is one and a thousand stories of love, told with delicacy, but also with the power of determination. It is the fleeting passage of a marvelous creature, its light and perfect flight, the infinite shades of color that characterize its being, but also that wake of surprise and happy wonder aroused in who is a lucky spectator of such infinite Beauty and Harmony.

Portrait of a Butterfly demo on soundcloud

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2019 March 12 Tuesday