Quotations, Transcritptions - Balázs Horváth’s composer recital


PLAYLIST für meine Reise nach Gera, 2018 (2018)
Zsolt Bartek – clarinet, Classicus Quartet

Überleitungen (...zu den vier Teilen der Streichquartette von W. A. Mozart, KV 458...) (2020)
W. A. Mozart: Streichquartett no. 17 in B Dur, KV 458
Classicus Quartet

Intermezzo (2000)
Classicus Quartet

Partita ricostruita (2019)
Péter Szűcs – clarinet, bass-clarinet, Tamás Zétényi – cello, András Szalai – cimbalom

  • Classicus Quartet
    Eszter Kökény – violin
  • Alíz Gál-Szabó – violin
  • Péter Tornyai – viola
  • Tamás Zétényi – cello

  • Zsolt Bartek - clarinet
    Péter Szűcs – clarinet, bass-clarinet
  • Tamás Zétényi – cello
  • András Szalai – cimbalom

Composers have always been interested in quoting from their contemporaries or deceased colleagues work or making transcriptions and adaptations of them. This tradition is still alive today and is an exciting task for the creators, while the listener can be filled with a joyful feeling mixed with pride when recognizing the borrowed music.

Three topics may be interesting for a composer:
1) from whom you choose the subject of your own work,
2) how to integrate the borrowed material into your own music system,
3) and – perhaps the most interesting aspect is – why these excerpts, pieces, composers were selected.

On the occasion of Balázs Horváth's recital you can listen to compositions that are transcriptions of earlier composers’ pieces or they are built on quotations. The answer to the question "from whom and what" is simple and can already be revealed: fragments by H. Schütz, J.S. Bach, J.F. Fasch, W.A. Mozart, R. Schumann, J. Brahms, and M. Reger will appear in the works being performed. To get an answer on the “how” you have to come and listen to the integrational solutions of Balázs Horváth in person. The “why” mysteries will be discussed by the composer himself who tells this aspect to the audience before each pieces.

Free entry! Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.


2023 September 23 Saturday