XJAZZ! Budapest | Sebastian Studnitzky & Andrii Pokaz (DE/UA)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Sebastian Studnitzky - trumpet, electronics
  • Andrii Pokaz - keyboards

Gallery tickets will be available on the spot even if the online ticketing system tells you that the show is sold out. Please order your drinks downstairs at the bar if you are seated on the gallery.

This new duo project of Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist Sebastian Studnitzky and Odessa-based pianist Andrii Pokaz was born in the midst of challenging and life-changing times.

The two musicians, whose life situations could not be more different, meet to celebrate the beauty of improvised art together. Andrii Pokaz studied and teaches classical piano at the Odessa Conservatory, but has also become one of Ukraine's leading jazz pianists. Sebastian Studnitzky is known for his very personal and emotional sound and style beyond genres and is also the founder of XJAZZ! Festival Berlin. A pioneer on all levels, he has been awarded the ECHO Jazz and the OPUS Klassik Awards among others.

Both musicians are united by virtuoso and unpretentious playing on their instruments and the ever-curious exploration of different genres such as jazz, classical and electronics.

Tickets are available for 3200 HUF on the spot, online at, and at InterTicket Jegypont partners across Hungary.

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2023 September 22 Friday