The History of European Jazz - Book launch


In the course of almost a century, European jazz musicians not only produced a corpus of work worthy of much wider appreciation, but also adopted strategies to adapt to the varied reception that the music evoked, which ranged from joyful acceptance to outright prohibition, the latter often involving survival and protest in equal measure. As the first organic overview of the history of jazz in Europe, and covering the subject from its inception to the present day, this volume provides a unique, authoritative addition to the musicological literature.

Entries are written in a narrative style and are presented on a country-by-country basis. Each article is authored by a jazz history specialist from the specific country who contextualizes the music in the cultural landscape of that country, discussing the most influential figures of its development, and referencing the sometimes considerable literature available in the national language. This unprecedented pool of authors makes much of this information available in English for the first time. Further chapters cover related subjects: the history of African-American entertainers before jazz, the cross-national traditions of Gypsy and Jewish music, festivals, films, and avant-garde music. The book also draws on the newly available resources created by the extensive work being done nationally by various jazz archives. Chapters contain in-depth bibliographies, rare photographs and illustrations, and suggested listening lists.

Supported by the Europe Jazz Network with funding from the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, this volume will serve as an inspiration for new generations of listeners and musicians.

The book will be presented by its Hungarian co-author, Gábor Turi. Host of the event will be jazz journalist Béla Szilárd Jávorszky. The editor of the book, Francesco Martinelli, will participate via video conference from Pisa.
(In Hungarian) 

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2018 December 10 Monday