UMZE Chamber Orchestra: Spirituality of the East, Music of the West

Concert Hall

Toru Takemitsu: Rain Spell
Péter Tornyai: …langue de la plain lune
Balázs Futó: Bardo Thodol

Claude Vivier: Et je reverrai cette ville étrange
Claude Vivier: Samarkand – Hungarian Premiere

  • László Sári – Tibetologist, writer
  • UMZE Ensemble
  • Conductor: László Tihanyi

The discourse of writer and Tibetologist László Sári and UMZE Ensemble’s conductor László Tihanyi between the pieces will be definitely a special feature of the present concert. Rain Spell, the piece by one of the best-known master of blending Japanese culture and European music, Toru Takemitsu, portrays rain as a symbol of elasticity and timelessness. The movements of Balázs Futó’s Bardo Thodol are entitled after the different 'intermediate states of consciousness' of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, while Péter Tornyai's … lange de la plein lune is based on the collision of the concepts of instrumental and ‘absolute’ music. The Canadian composer and musician Claude Vivier, who passed away at a young age, has his worldwide renaissance thanks to the attention of several important orchestras and festivals. The perfomances of Et je reverrai's cette ville ettrange and Samarkand will be both works’ Hungarian premières. 

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2019 September 13 Friday