Szilárd Mezei - Albert Márkos Duo


The duo of Szilárd Mezei and Albert Márkos has been active since more than 17 years. They play completely spontaneous music based in improvisation. Together, they have released three duo albums: Korom (Creative Sources, 2008), Dér (Bandcamp, 2016), and Köd (FMR, 2018).

Born in Zenta, Szilárd Mezei plays contemporary improvised music on string instruments in various projects from duos to nonets - mainly his own compositions. As a composer, he is interested in the connection of improvisation and composition in jazz and folk music.

Albert Márkos is a cellist and composer from Cluj-Napoca. After a career in classical music as a cellist, he is now involved in free improvisation and creates instant compositions. His album Głosów, co ledwie są, już giną... was released on BMC Records in 2012.


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