UMZE Ensemble: Romantic Lectures

Concert Hall

László Vidovszky: Romantic Lectures Version No. 1 (1983)
László Tihanyi: Silence of the Winds Op. 1 (1984)

Péter Esterházy – Gergely Vajda: The Transporters – Opera after Péter Esterházy's Novel (1983)

  • Anna Molnár – mezzo soprano
  • UMZE Chamber Ensemble
  • Conductor: Gergely Vajda

Dear Guests,
Ticket sales for the March 13 concert are now closed due to the 100-person limit imposed by the state of emergency measures in Hungary. We appreciate your understanding.
Budapest Music Center

Gergely Vajda composed a mono-concert-opera based on Péter Esterházy's Fuharosok, a novel which reached cult status since its first version appeared in 1983. Much like the original, Vajda's opera is highly compressed – a romantic opera that is less than an hour long, composed for mezzo soprano and chamber ensemble. The performance of Fuharosok will be preceded by the works of László Vidovszky, László Tihanyi who are among the most important composers of Hungarian contemporary music. 

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2020 March 13 Friday