Bach Bridges Extra: Gloire - Silent Movie Concert

Concert Hall

Gloire (directed by Michael Curtiz)
Music: Didier Benetti

  • Conductor and percussionist: Didier Benetti
  • Bertrand Cervera - violin
  • Eszter Kökény - violin
  • Ágnes Horváth - viola
  • Péter Szabó - cello
  • Zsolt Fejérvári - double bass
  • Roland Csalló - clarinet
  • Dávid Bereczky - horn
  • László Adrián Nagy - piano

Directed by Michael Curtiz, the Academy Award winning director of Casablanca, Gloire tells the epic tale of Napoleon Bonaparte. The silent movie inspired Didier Benetti to compose a new score which will be performed live at BMC alongside the movie screening. Gloire was originally presented at the Sorru in Musica Festival in Corsica.

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2018 October 04 Thursday