Jewish Art Days | Concert with the Auer Trio

Concert Hall

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Trio in d Minor, Op. 49
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Trio in c Minor, Op. 66

  • Auer Trio
  • Péter Kováts – violin
  • István Varga – cello
  • Balázs Fülei – piano
  • Géza Hegedűs D., actor

Schumann referred to Mendelssohn as the Mozart of the 19th century, and his Trio in D minor as "the master trio of recent times". The piece was composed in Frankfurt, 1839, during a particularly happy and relaxed period of Felix Mendelssohn. The trio enjoyed quick success, especially with Mendelssohn himself playing the piano at the 1840 premiere at Leipzig and at the 1843 premiere in London.

Mendelssohn composed his Trio in C minor as a birthday present for his sister, Fanny, finishing the piece in 1845. He completely removed himself from the music scene while he was working on it, refusing offers and invitations, travelling instead to Bad Soden with his family to compose in complete peace. He described the mood with such words: "At last! No dress-suits, no piano, no business cards, no carriages and no horses - it's donkey rides, flowers on the meadow, sheet music and notebooks, with Cécile and the children."

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May 31 Thursday